2020 Fees (for information).

The 2022 Fees will be slightly updated. Please come back on Feb. 2022 for updated information.

Registration fees

Registration before 2020/06/01 160,00 €
Registration after the 2020/06/01 190,00 €
Participants to the Choir, Piano First Sight Reading or the Fright Management workshops are exempt under Registration Fees

Class fees

Instruments and Voice Classes :
(Singing, Piano, Strings, Choir Conducting, Piano accompaniment)
630,00 €
Two pianos and Piano Duet ensembles, main class Fees per student 220,00 €
Stage fright management, main class 150,00 €
Piano First Sight Reading, main class 150,00 €
Choir singer 100,00 €
Students at the Lyon CCR for the year 2019/2020, discount on class fees – 25%


Introduction to jazz piano / Improvisation, option for piano students 100,00 €
Piano First Sight Reading (Alain Jacquon), option for piano students 100,00 €
Two pianos and Piano Duet ensembles, option for piano students 100,00 €
Introduction to Choir conducting, option for Singing or Piano accompaniment students 100,00 €
Stage fright management (Alexandra Massei) 100,00 €

Accommodation in residence

From 1st of august evening to 10th of august morning 280,00 €

Half-board service (lunch)

9 lunches from 2nd of august to 10th of august 80,00 €
Single Lunch fee per day 10,00 €