The Classes

Classes Overview

Piano - Strings - Vocal Studies - Chamber Music - Choir Direction - Piano Accompaniment - First Sight Reading - Stage Fright management

Individual lessons : piano, violin, cello, singing.

The program proposes instrumental, technical and stylistic improvement. The program proposed by the trainees must have been previously prepared. Individual classes are organized directly between the teacher (s) and the trainee on the first meeting. Between each course the trainee can practice in the studio at his disposal.

  • Every teacher gives a minimum of five lessons to each trainee during their stay at the Academy.
  • Possibility of distributing the five courses between two teachers, at the request of the trainee on the registration form.
  • Opportunity to attend other Academy courses free of charge.


Stage Fright Management: Alexandra Massei

This group lesson is aimed at professional or amateur musicians of all levels and all disciplines, it can be taken as an option by completing the chosen discipline and can also be part of an option taken independently of the rest.

– understand psychic and physical functioning in situations of artistic stress.
– adapt good behavior in the face of awkward artistic situations.
– better understand the different working principles on the management of scenic emotions: breathing, corporality, mind.
– acquire simple and effective means for managing stage fright.

Piano First Sight Reading: Alain Jacquon

This course is intended for trainee pianists who wish to improve their skills in the art of first Sight Reading. The mastery of this discipline has become essential given the evolution of the professional perspectives of young artists. The class is aimed at pianists of all skill levels. It is organized individually or in small groups of level. The huge library of the conservatory becomes Ali Baba’s cave where we draw all the resources necessary to offer lively and interactive content. Beyond the actual reading, this course offers a practical methodology allowing then to progress on solid theoretical bases: analysis of the scores, approach of the orchestral scores, of the basso continuo, playing modes adapted to transcriptions, technical automatisms and music suitable for reading without preparation.

Choir Direction : Bernard Têtu

The courses are organised over five successive days, according to the following schedule :

  • 9:30-10:30 am : vocal warm-up.
  • 10:30-13:00 : conducting course with a choir composed of the singing students of the Academy (the work program will be provided in advance).
  • 16:30-18:00 : conducting course without singers with an accompanist of the Academy
  • 18:00-20:00 : conducting course with a school choir