Optional classes

Introduction to jazz piano - Improvisation - Stage fright management

Optional courses are organized collectively. At least five sessions are proposed during the academy, according to the schedule agreed between the trainees and the teacher during the first meeting.

Introduction to Jazz for pianists : Franck Avitabile

The aim of this option is to introduce improvisation to students who have never improvised :

  • Improvisation out of tempo (generative) / in tempo (jazz)
  • Chord Charts
  • Work on ostinatos / oral learning
  • Harmonization of jazz standards / Chord Voicings
  • Setting up of a Walking Bass

The sessions are held with two students at the same time for the practice of ostinatos and last 45 minutes.

Possibility to have a combo practice,  depending on the availability of students, (for the previous years, they were : piano / cello, piano / voice, piano solo, 2 pianos or 4 hands).

Improvisation / All instruments : Manuel Schweizer

The collective improvisation workshop is open to all, musicians or singers. No previous improvisation level is required, the most important being to have the desire to improvise. The workshops last one hour and welcome both beginners and confirmed improvisers.

The participants will discover (or improve) the pleasure of collective improvisation, mutual listening, ability to create at the moment music never heard before, the joy of playing without constraint and the musical expression of their deep personality.

They will have the possibility, if they wish, to participate in the trainees’ concerts, in order to share with the audience their creations of the day.

Improvisation is an excellent complement to written music, it enriches the sound palette, develops collective playing, and gives greater ease with the instrument, as well as a new relationship with the body. Above all, it enables the musician to plunge fully into the process of creation.

Stage fright management: Alexandra Massei

The stage fright management sessions proposed during the Academy are based on sophrology. Their aim is to provide concrete tools for the management of the emotions when on stage

These workshops will help trainees to work on body consciousness, to learn to set aside unnecessary tension by freeing breathing. This contributes to achieving a better artistic expression by leading the trainee to a situation of well-being and self-confidence.

An 1:30 h discovery session is offered to all trainees on the 1st day of the academy. The option then includes 5 sessions of 1:45 h, in small groups. To achieve a convincing result, it is recommended to follow all the proposed sessions.