Alexandra MASSEI

Du 28 Juillet - 4 Août

Alexandra Massei,  pianist, piano teacher,  certified sophrologist, she has graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Saint- Petersburg and National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon.

Laureate of many international competitions,  passionate about the links between pedagogy and personal development, Alexandra continues her research on the stress of musicians and does a training at the Institute of Sophrology Rhône-Alpes. Graduated in 2012, she conducts her activity in this field that she combines with her activity as artist and piano teacher while helping musicians improve their level of piano performance and manage their scenic emotions.

Alexandra Massei animates the groups to educate with and for the musicians, she is also involved in different companies,  in leisure centers for children and their parents.

She organizes courses on stress management,  self- confidence, Baccalaureate preparations,  everyday efficiency, work on a goal, the preparation of a professional and personal project. She is regularly invited to give lectures in the conferences for the musicians  on stress management, on self- confidence and preparation of a goal.

She gives the master classes to accompany students in National Superior Conservatory of music and dance in Lyon, Regional Conservatory in Lyon and Toulon, different music schools.

She teaches the piano at the Conservatoire de Lyon.